MySQL scale-out with replication and Pacemaker

It seems that the MySQL Conference selection committee didn’t seem to like the talk (and tutorial) I submitted about integrating MySQL Replication with the Pacemaker cluster stack, enabling full MySQL scale-out in an environment you previously knew only for its synchronous-replication High Availability features. But — fear not, my fellow HA geeks! — we are instead making the talk available for free, over the web, one week ahead of the conference.

In this 45-minute presentation, we will give an overview about

  • the Pacemaker cluster stack and the Linux-HA project it evolved out of;
  • the current state of MySQL integration in Pacemaker, and of course
  • leveraging Pacemaker’s built-in clone infrastructure for MySQL Replication.

It’s pretty cool stuff that the Linux-HA community has put together there.

Join us for this webcast next Wednesday, April 7, at 1500 UTC!

Registration is free. Joining the webinar requires a Java capable browser.

7 Responses to MySQL scale-out with replication and Pacemaker

  1. Here’s some slides you can use for that presentation 🙂

  2. TomDV says:

    Would it be possible for you guys to record the webcast?
    I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m affraid I won’t be able to make it in time.

  3. Hi Florian! Hope you and the Linbit gang are doing well. Thanks for doing this webcast. I’m looking forward to hearing about how you put everything together.

  4. Will you be in town for the conference? It is too bad that you won’t be speaking about Pacemaker or DRBD at the conference. On the other hand DRBD has new opportunities courtesy of the HDFS name node.

    • Florian Haas says:

      Nope, won’t be there this time, but a couple of the guys from our US team will. I’ll drop them a note so they can link up with you.

      Since you mention HDFS, are you aware of somebody who has worked on Hadoop integration into Pacemaker yet?

  5. I am slowly learning about HBase/HDFS/Hadoop. I know about the name node SPOF and the use of DRBD to fix that. But I have to read about the use of Pacemaker with it.

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