Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

May 29, 2012

Know how they say that you don’t know you’re doing something right until someone starts imitating you? Well, this is a great time for us.

Someone evidently took a good long read of our hastexo High Availability Expert class agenda, and made this. It’s wonderful for us to see that it’s such an inspiration to others (even the acronym!), and we hope to see more folks doing this in the future.

Meanwhile, I should say this since I haven’t yet mentioned it here on my blog: there’s an new feature to our own HHAX class that we’ve added to our upcoming class in Berlin, and that is the booth arbitration daemon and ticket manager.

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4 extra seats available in Cloud Bootcamp in Wellington!

May 21, 2012

Our Cloud Bootcamp for OpenStack™ in Wellington next month just got 4 extra seats! If you’re in New Zealand, Australia, or the Pacific region, and want to learn about OpenStack, now is your chance!

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Returning to Paris for OpenStack in Action 2: Production Ready

May 10, 2012

This month, I’m thrilled to go to Paris to talk about highly-available OpenStack. The event I’m speaking at is OpenStack in Action 2: Production Ready, and it’s being organized by French hosting & cloud services provider eNovance.

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Our first Cloud Bootcamp is now Sold Out

May 8, 2012

Less than two weeks after it’s been announced, our inaugural Cloud Bootcamp for OpenStack™ in Wellington, New Zealand is now sold out. Our friends at Catalyst IT have put up a wait list, and we’re currently working on tacking on extra days to fill the excess demand.

This will be fun.

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An exciting day for the Ceph community

May 3, 2012

Today, as you’ve probably noticed if you’re following the development of the Ceph stack, something mighty cool has been happening. The web site received a major makeover with a slick new design, and the people behind Ceph haveannounced the launch of a brand new company to drive the Ceph stack, Inktank.

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