Novell announces SLE 11 SP 1

May 19, 2010

Novell has announced Service Pack 1 for SUSE Linux Enterprise. LINBIT is a key contributor to this release, delivering DRBD and a number or cluster resource agents as part of Novell’s SLE High Availability Extension add-on.

This puts Novell firmly ahead of competitor Red Hat in terms of currently released and supported HA clustering solutions.  In case you haven’t noticed, Red Hat is also being questioned by customers for not shipping DRBD at this time, and being ambiguous about its policy with regard to third-party support for kernel code. Novell, for their part, got that much right. Which entitles them to a bit of sarcasm, I suppose.

SLE 11 SP1 is coming on June 2.

Get real!

May 13, 2010

So it seems Red Hat is a bit surprised (I’m not) by the number of subscribers on the “DRBD in RHEL 6, please” bug tripling in a couple of days. I guess they are also getting a few more tweets than usual about this.

But please, Red Hat’s EMEA Chief Supreme Open Source Evangelist saying “DRBD is limited with regard to integration with [Red Hat] Cluster”? Give me a break. I wrote the Red Hat Cluster Suite integration for DRBD. Lon Hohberger merged it almost a year ago. He also took care of the cluster.conf schema changes so DRBD properly integrates with Red Hat Cluster management tools. It’s been in all upstream Red Hat Cluster releases since. Lon also wrote the original cookbook for getting GFS2 running on Dual-Primary DRBD. Back in 2007!

The other cluster stack the RHEL 6 beta ships with, Pacemaker, has supported DRBD from the get-go.

That’s “limited integration”?

Want DRBD in RHEL 6? Make yourself heard!

May 11, 2010

The folks over at Red Hat were kind enough to make public bug 585309, an enhancement request to include DRBD in RHEL 6. If you want DRBD on the last major platform that doesn’t include it yet, feel free to comment and make your voice heard!

A valid login on the Red Hat Bugzilla system is required to comment. Don’t have an account? Create one!

We’re in!

December 8, 2009

DRBD has entered a new phase. After being developed out of tree for 9 years, and after an extended review and streamlining phase since March, Phil submitted DRBD to be merged into 2.6.32 release of the Linux mainline kernel. The submission was accepted by block layer maintainer Jens Axboe, who merged DRBD in September, then deferred to the 2.6.33 merge window, and this morning Linus pulled DRBD into his tree.

That makes DRBD an integral part of Linux, starting with the 2.6.33 release expected in a few weeks’ time.

We have something to celebrate.

LINBIT at LinuxCon and LPC

August 24, 2009

LINBIT will be a proud sponsor at this year’s LinuxCon in Portland, OR, held on September 21-23. We will also participate in the Linux Plumbers Conference, co-located with LinuxCon.

Phil is to speak at LinuxCon about DRBD 8.3 and beyond. At LPC, we will primarily focus on building highly available storage systems with DRBD, Pacemaker, and the STGT and LIO iSCSI targets.

So, storage and data center folks on the West Coast, come and meet us! MySQLers and Drizzlers from the Pacific Northwest (mordred, that means you!), drop us a line to see how we can link up! Novell folks, let’s sit down and chat about what we can do to help improve SLE 11 HAE! Red Hat/Fedora people, let’s talk about how we can improve DRBD integration in your distributions! Virtualization folks, let’s talk about seamless DRBD integration with libvirt, like it already exists in Xen!

Please drop us a line at linuxcon at linbit dot com or lpc at linbit dot com if you are coming to either event, so we can arrange a get-together. Thanks!