Busy weeks ahead!

I’m speaking at Percona Live, LinuxCon Europe, and linux.conf.au. And I just co-founded a new company.

I have a few busy weeks behind me, and even busier weeks ahead. If you’ve been wondering why recently I haven’t been updating this space too frequently, here’s why:

Yours truly and fellow ex-Linbiters Martin Loschwitz and Andreas Kurz have recently founded hastexo, an independent professional services organization focused on open-source high availability and disaster recovery. We are already offering both on-site and remote consultancy, custom training, and our Availability Checkup package, with more services lined up to be added to our offering.

We’re able to offer direct, 24/7 access to high availability experts with dial-in numbers in Europe, North America and Australia. We’re offering our services under an extremely flexible, versatile payments scheme with an attractive volume discount model. We’re experts in an array of high availability and disaster recover technologies — like Pacemaker, Corosync, Heartbeat, DRBD, highly available virtualization (a.k.a “enterprise cloud”), and cluster file systems.

And we’ve got a unique, free offering. Have you ever considered hiring a high availability consultant to review your setup or provide expert advice, but were unsure as to the expected cost involved? At hastexo, we can help. You simply go to our Help page (free-of-charge registration required), collect information as instructed, and then just create a ticket in our support system. And we’ll make a qualified estimate as to the amount of effort (and cost) required to fix your issue, or improve your uptime, or both.

And, just in case one of us has previously help you on a mailing list, on IRC, or at a conference, as we frequently do, then please leave us a message in our Shoutbox. We love to support the high availability community, and we’re thrilled to hear about it when we can help.

Speaking of conferences: next week, I’m doing back-to-back conferences in Europe.

And, for those of you making plans for Ballarat in January: I’ll return to linux.conf.au as a tutorial speaker, together with Andrew Beekhof and Tim Serong. I have also submitted a talk for the High Availability and Distributed Storage miniconf, preceding the main conference. See you there!

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