On to new endeavors!

As many of you know already, I have left Linbit on September 1. Stay tuned for updates; I will post those here.

Overall my experience at Linbit has been excellent, and the parting has been very amicable. I am enormously grateful for the 4½ years I spent at Linbit, and I wish them well.

At the moment it appears that the autoreply I enabled on my email account when I left is non-functional. Unfortunately, as the email address as such is still active, that means anyone writing to my old email address is no longer being notified that if anyone does read it, it won’t be me.

My current, correct, email address is on my LinkedIn and Xing profile pages. Please make sure you use the new one when communicating with me. Or contact me on LinkedIn or Xing directly; that’ll also work.

I presume that the same thing is also true for the email addresses previously used by fellow ex-Linbiters Martin Loschwitz and Andreas Kurz, as well. You can of course find them on their respective Xing pages, too.

2 Responses to On to new endeavors!

  1. J.C. Polanycia says:

    I just saw your profile change on LinkedIn and followed it here. So I apologize for the late response. I was saddened to hear that you had left Linbit as I had hoped we would be able to work with you and Linbit for many years to come. You definitely were one of the best trainers we’ve ever had visit us at CU Boulder. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to pursue.

  2. imran-uk says:

    Hi Florian, I wish you well in your new business venture!

    Having been a grateful recipient of your expertise on IRC in a time of crisis I can definitely see value in having a service where you can speak to an expert “right now”.

    All the best!

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