DRBD Documentation Update

Our much-anticipated DRBD 8.4.0 release has hit the wires.

It comes with cool new features such as multiple-volume replication groups, enabling write fidelity across several DRBD devices. Virtualization and Oracle database users, we’re looking at you. 8.4 also supports switching the replication protocol on the fly, so you can temporarily switch from synchronous to asynchronous replication and back. And you are now able to switch a resource into dual-Primary and back into single-Primary mode without ever taking the resource down or interrupting replication — an overdue feature much requested by our virtualization users, where it comes particularly handy for live migration.

Together with our 8.4 release, there is also a brand new edition of the DRBD User’s Guide hosted at the usual location (if you want for a printable version, look here). It has a host of new information, including but not limited to the new DRBD features — there are also updated sections on Pacemaker and Corosync, LVM, and much more. The Recent Changes appendix may be particularly useful to users transitioning from earlier DRBD versions.

What’s also new is that no part of the User’s Guide deals with legacy DRBD versions anymore — the User’s Guide will henceforth always describe the functionality of the then-current DRBD release. If you do need to refer back to functionality of previous releases, the “legacy” DRBD User’s Guide has been preserved for reference purposes.

What I am personally particularly fond of is the fact that the User’s Guide has been through a complete transformation to the text-based AsciiDoc format. This format is much more accessible for documentation writers than the previously employed DocBook XML format. And this change has already paid off: while the bulk of changes in this release still originate with yours truly, I can now welcome my LINBIT colleagues Andreas Grünbacher, Brian Hellman and Stefanie Edgar to the crowd of User’s Guide contributors.

And, as if all that weren’t enough, we have also created new and updated versions of our Tech Guides on the LINBIT web site. Watch this space over the coming weeks for interesting additions to that collection, as well.

I want to extend a big thank you to all of our community members, users and customers who have provided valuable feedback, suggestions and corrections to our documentation over the past months. This documentation release is for you.

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