Running DRBD on your Android

So you own an Android phone? I do too (mine is a Samsung GT-I9000), and it doubles as my Twitter client, guitar tuner, Ultimate rulebook and a ton of other things. And of course, I’ve DRBD’d it so I can sync everything on it to a logical volume on my desktop. You do know that DRBD can run a mixed-architecture cluster, so syncing from your ARM-based handset to your x86 (or x86_64) laptop is no problem at all.

How to do that? Not that hard. First, obviously, root your phone. Then, download DRBD off the Market.

You’ll need BusyBox and some way to get a shell on your phone. I prefer ConnectBot. And from there? As you normally would. Just use drbdadm (the -c flag may come in handy for non-default drbd.conf locations) Set up a logical volume on your laptop, sync, and poof you’ve got your phone backup. Then, just disconnect or stop DRBD on your laptop.

Hint: if you use Advanced Task Killer (I do), make sure to put the DRBD app on the ignore list. The Android build has a special #define enabled that has DRBD wait patiently for incoming connections, but not initiate outbound connections to its peer. This also means that DRBD won’t mind at all if you suspend your phone. Just don’t kill the app.

A full Tech Guide, “Running DRBD on Android”, is available from LINBIT’s web site. The QR code at right will take you just there. No QR reader app? Try Barcode Scanner.

7 Responses to Running DRBD on your Android

  1. Jimmy says:

    Damn, I need to update to a faster network! My phone keeps returning to GSM everytime I do resync, really anoying!

  2. Adam G says:

    I’m trying to run a dual-primary resource between my phone and my girlfriends phone to sync and share contacts, text messages, photos, etc. but every time I reboot my phone I end up with a split brain 😦

  3. What a great idea Florian!

  4. Florian Haas says:

    For those of you catching this via a search engine query result: this was an April Fool’s Day joke.

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