English-language Linux Cluster stack training coming to Berlin

We usually do our English-language Linux Cluster Stack training sessions in the U.S., with training in Europe being primarily held in German. So if you live in Europe, speak English, and want to hone your high availability skills on your own continent, learning from the top notch experts, here is your rare chance:

November 9-12, were are doing our DRBD Total training in one of Europe’s finest cities, Berlin. Berlin is easily reached by air or rail, and our training location is directly next to historical Allied Checkpoint Charlie on Friedrichstraße. Training is exclusively in English, and covers DRBD, the Heartbeat/Corosync/Pacemaker cluster stack, and a number of high availability applications.

I hear you say, “November? Then why are you telling me this now?” Well guess what, there is a 15% early bird discount off the standard price if you register before August 31. So register quickly and grab your chance! Our classes usually sell out fast.

By the way: if you do speak German, we also have a German-language training coming up in Vienna in September. Take a look!

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