Get real!

So it seems Red Hat is a bit surprised (I’m not) by the number of subscribers on the “DRBD in RHEL 6, please” bug tripling in a couple of days. I guess they are also getting a few more tweets than usual about this.

But please, Red Hat’s EMEA Chief Supreme Open Source Evangelist saying “DRBD is limited with regard to integration with [Red Hat] Cluster”? Give me a break. I wrote the Red Hat Cluster Suite integration for DRBD. Lon Hohberger merged it almost a year ago. He also took care of the cluster.conf schema changes so DRBD properly integrates with Red Hat Cluster management tools. It’s been in all upstream Red Hat Cluster releases since. Lon also wrote the original cookbook for getting GFS2 running on Dual-Primary DRBD. Back in 2007!

The other cluster stack the RHEL 6 beta ships with, Pacemaker, has supported DRBD from the get-go.

That’s “limited integration”?

2 Responses to Get real!

  1. Jan Wildeboer says:

    The limited integration is based on a few things. QA, QE, Customer feedback. All of this can and should be sorted ASAP. Whatever help is needed, I am in! Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of DRBD.

    • Florian Haas says:

      Actually Jan, I think there is something you can do. Bug 585309 currently has over 30 comments saying “+1, Red Hat, please listen,” yet there isn’t a single useful comment from any Red Hat employee (at least none that is publicly visible). I guess people are waiting for feedback here.

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