Am I missing something?

If you’re on software with a support contract, you should get support, right?

If the software you have support on has a documented feature that’s not working as documented, then you would expect to get a fix, a workaround, or even perhaps an explanation to the effect that you misunderstood the documentation in the first place, and the feature in fact does something else. Correct?

And if the feature in question is a customization facility, then you wouldn’t expect support on the customization itself, but you would expect the customization interface to work as documented, right?

So in summary, if you ran into an issue with a customization interface not working as the documentation says, you’d expect support to fix the interface, suggest a workaround, or provide additional documentation?

Well, I would.

SugarCRM appears to see things differently.

9 Responses to Am I missing something?

  1. Dietz Proepper says:

    Florian, sorry for that but you completely misunderstand
    the concept of “commercial support”. Commercial support
    means that you pay vast amounts of money to quick talkin’,
    well dressed consultants (those jerks who sell you the
    “support agreement”). After you’ve paid, your part of
    the game is done. And don’t even think to ask stupid questions
    to 20-year-first-graders who get a pay for which not even a
    McDonalds employee would get off his bed.

    • Florian Haas says:

      I strongly resent that. I’m used to dealing with open-source companies who provide excellent support through skilled and experienced personnel. (I’d say we’re one of them, but I’m no competent judge — I’ll leave that to our customers.)

  2. Christian Rößler says:

    Yeah, totally agree.
    We use this ‘software’ too and i (personally) think it is the most buggy and code-ugly piece of crap i’ve ever seen. You get nothing thats worth the money.

    Mention the time we put into fixing various bugs and implementing workarounds we could simply write a crm-tool on our own.

    crappy software for a bunch of money

  3. Cadstar says:

    Quote: “(I’d say we’re one of them, but I’m no competent judge — I’ll leave that to our customers.)”

    Speaking as an active customer of Linbit with a Gold level support contract, I can judge this.

    Linbit support is like the Duke of NewYork: A Number 1!!

  4. I don’t know Larry Augustin (the SugarCRM CEO) directly, but I do know some people who are linkedin to him. I’ve asked them to forward this URL on to him. Thank Evelyn for knowing off the top of her head that Larry is the CEO there.


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