Ubuntu 10.04 with full cluster stack support

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” has arrived. I upgraded my personal box over the weekend, and am happy to report that things went pretty flawlessly for me. So I’m now a happy lucid user.

What’s more important for the ever-growing cluster community is the fact that this LTS release comes with built-in support for the Pacemaker cluster stack — and indeed, it’s the first commercially-supported distribution that comes with support for both the Heartbeat and the Corosync cluster messaging layer. And it’s easy, too!

Here’s how I install the Pacemaker stack with Heartbeat (which I prefer) on an Ubuntu box:

aptitude install heartbeat pacemaker

And if you choose to go with Corosync, here’s how.

aptitude install corosync pacemaker

… and you’re good to go!

Credit for Ubuntu cluster stack packaging goes to Ante Karamatić (ivoks) and Andres Rodriguez (roaksoax), along with the rest of the ubuntu-ha team. Their work builds on Debian packaging by Martin Loschwitz, Guido Günther, Frederik Schüler and others.

9 Responses to Ubuntu 10.04 with full cluster stack support

  1. Beekhof says:

    Not just the first, but probably the only commercial distro to ever support both concurrently 😉

  2. Angie says:

    10/10 Florian, I prefer HB too 😉

  3. mike says:

    This is good to know! I have just started looking into clustering, and Lucid supports it from the get go. – Cool!

  4. al says:

    Hi All,

    I am about to install Heartbeat/Pacemaker on the 64 bit version of LL.

    Has anyone tried it ?
    Any known issues ?


    • Frank says:

      I run Pacemaker in a production web environment on 10.04. It rocks! You should take a day to read the release notes and manuals if you are not familiar with Pacemaker and/or linux clustering

  5. BOK says:

    What I absolutely don’t understand is that Ubuntu 10.04(.2) Lucid is shipped with cluster-glue 1.0.5 which does NOT support “upstart”, only “lsb” AFAIK. 😦 So the stack remains somewhat crippled IMHO.

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