See you at LinuxTag 2010

I just got word that a talk about iSCSI High Availability with Pacemaker and DRBD, which I submitted for LinuxTag 2010, has been accepted by the selection committee.

The presentation is entitled Storage Done Right: Building a Resilient, Distributed, Highly Available Open Source iSCSI SAN and I will talk in the Storage track, in English. Questions in German, of course, won’t be a problem.

As the conference organizers have asked speakers not to publicize the temporary schedule (for obvious reasons — hey it’s temporary), I can’t give the exact time and location yet. But if you want to hear about how you can replace your six-figure SAN with something much more open, much less locked-in and much less expensive, plan a trip to Berlin in early June.

4 Responses to See you at LinuxTag 2010

  1. Shane Falco says:

    As a preview, what target software will you be recommending? IET works wonderfully with heartbeat/pacemaker in my experience but newer versions of tgtd seems to outperform it by a good margin. SCST, of course, claims to outperform them all..

  2. monkeyx says:

    Hi Florian,
    any chance you could email me this talk?


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