MySQL/Pacemaker scaleout webinar recording available

Yesterday’s webcast is now available for playback.

If you want a PDF of the slides, please leave a note on our web site.

Update, July 19, 2010: We have switched our webinar service provider. The webinar recordings are still available, albeit under a different URL, see this page for details.

20 Responses to MySQL/Pacemaker scaleout webinar recording available

  1. Stas says:


    Would appreciate the slides as well, as the webcast no longer working.


  2. c says:

    This is pathetic! Post a link to a PDF. Florian everything you do is a link to non-existent documentation or some webinar link that is broken or some other such resource which no longer exists. Do you do this on purpose? Why do you make everything so incredibly difficult. If you want to post stuff and have people read it then follow through. That’s just laziness.

  3. c says:

    This is a great example of your laziness and complete lack of attention to detail:

    Every single link in that email is either broken or non-existent. Awesome!

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