Linux 2.6.33 released, first kernel with DRBD included

Today, Linus released Linux 2.6.33, the first vanilla kernel with DRBD integrated as part of the mainline tree. As announced in December, this release marks the end of DRBD’s former existance as an out-of-tree kernel module.

The first distro to sport the new kernel, to the best of our knowledge, will be Fedora 13, whose default kernel build will of course have the DRBD module enabled. That gives Fedora 13 users the ability to just say yum install drbd, and get the full DRBD userland package and no extra kernel module.

We are expecting other distributions to follow suit shortly. And even if your favorite distribution does not adopt a 2.6.33+ kernel anytime soon, don’t despair! Chances are that it has carried DRBD as an add-on kernel module all along, and will continue to do so. And then of course, LINBIT DRBD support comes with DRBD certified binaries for a multitude of distros.

3 Responses to Linux 2.6.33 released, first kernel with DRBD included

  1. DRBD ist Teil von Linux 2.6.33…

    Florian Haas von Linbit merkt in seinem Blog an, daß DRBD Bestandteil des frisch herausgegebenen Kernels 2.6.33 ist. Die erste Distribution mit diesem Kernel wird wahrscheinlich Fedora 13 sein, aber natürlich ist DRBD schon lange Bestandteil der Kernel…

  2. Congratulations; that’s awesome!

    Hopefully RedHat will base RHEL6 on 2.6.33 or later 🙂

  3. […] that’s the Fedora release with Linux 2.6.33, so no more installing DRBD kernel […]

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