Heartbeat 3.0.2 released

After a long release hiatus, an elaborate project re-organization, and with a new primary project sponsor, the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer saw its 3.0.2 release earlier today.

Heartbeat 3.0.2 is the first official Heartbeat release since 2.1.3, released over 2 years ago. There have been a number of intermediate releases in the interim, including some Fedora releases labeled 3.0.0 and 3.0.1, but this is the first official Heartbeat 3.0 release. This means that Pacemaker, the definitive Linux cluster stack, continues to be fully supported on both the Heartbeat and Corosync/OpenAIS messaging layers.

The release tarball may be downloaded directly from the Mercurial repository, or from the Linux-HA web site. Debian packages will soon be available from Martin Loschwitz’ people.debian.org repository and are expected to make their way into Squeeze shortly.

And yes, we had planned to make this release in January. But 2/1/2010 just looked so neat as a release date.

6 Responses to Heartbeat 3.0.2 released

  1. ngm says:

    This is great news, guys! Congratulations, you’re doing a very good job!

  2. tedd says:

    Congratulations! What about migration from 2.1.3? Is it painfull? I’m using heartbeat Debian Lenny packages with drbd…

    • Florian Haas says:

      Martin’s updated Debian packages make this quite easy. As soon as squeeze rolls around (or those packages make their way into lenny via backports.org), you’ll have a pretty smooth migration path.

  3. Palermo says:

    i received the update of hearbeat 3.0.0 via yum update.
    Then my problems were coming.
    What ever i do. i can’t heartbeat to start anymore. getting a error.

    I advised my collages not to upgrade to the new version until the problem is solved

    Is there a forum to post my problem?
    i hope there is a solution
    Thx in advanced.

    • Florian Haas says:

      “Getting an error” is really not an exhaustive description of your problem. And yes, there is the Linux-HA mailing list. http://lists.linux-ha.org/mailman/listinfo/linux-ha

      • Palermo says:


        Wel I’m gonna post the problem on the link you provided.

        The problem after i updated (nothing was changed in the configuration) was if i restarted heartbeat this error comes “/etc/init.d/heartbeat: line 253: /ResourceManager: No such file or directory”
        Further it says “done”
        But its not working..
        Service heartbeat stop does not work. I need to kill the PID to stop the process.
        a rollback to the working 2.1.4 version was not possible.

        thx for the tip.
        And thx for you reaction 🙂

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