LINBIT announces stewardship for Heartbeat code base

Here is an announcement we made earlier today on the linux-ha and linux-ha-dev mailing lists.

This is to announce that LINBIT, with the kind permission from the Linux-HA project board, will act as the “steward” of the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer code base, from this point forward. This is a summary of our motivation and plans related to that role.

What does this entail?

  • LINBIT will assume responsibility for bug fixes for the Heartbeat code base, currently hosted at
  • LINBIT will bundle up the 3.0 beta codebase, make a 3.0 final release (currently this is planned for the month of January 2010), and subsequently make bugfix releases as deemed necessary.
  • LINBIT will further collaborate with the Pacemaker project to keep the existing dual-stack capability in Pacemaker.
  • LINBIT will continue making the public Mercurial repository available at the present location (any eventual relocation, if desired by the Board, would be publicly announced with ample advance notice).
  • LINBIT will administer the public mailing lists (linux-ha and linux-ha-dev) on the servers currently hosting them (again, any eventual relocation, would be publicly announced with ample advance notice).
  • LINBIT intends to offer improved documentation for the Heartbeat messaging layer. This is meant to consolidate the content currently found on the wiki site.
  • LINBIT intends to offer support services for the Heartbeat/Pacemaker cluster stack (i.e. the Pacemaker cluster resource manager running on top of the Heartbeat cluster communication layer).
  • LINBIT will continue to respect he Board as the final authority on matters affecting the project as a whole.

What does this not entail?

  • LINBIT has no intention to add significant features to the Heartbeat code base, or extend its functionality significantly.
  • LINBIT has no intention to apply changes to the licensing, development model, or collaboration model for the Linux-HA code base.
  • LINBIT has no intention to establish the Heartbeat code base as a long-term alternative or competition to the OpenAIS/Corosync cluster messaging layer. However, we do believe that it is a valid alternative for the short to mid term, and for some configurations where OpenAIS/Corosync is currently suffering from some growing pains.
  • LINBIT has no intention to support or advocate continued use of Heartbeat in v1 (haresources) configurations. We will continue to recommend to switch to the Pacemaker cluster stack, now that two (technically and commercially) supported cluster messaging layers are available.

At this time, the primary contact in charge of Heartbeat development matters at LINBIT is Lars Ellenberg, the person in charge of documentation is myself. The best means of relaying comments and asking questions continues to be the public mailing list.

We hope that this is a useful service to the Heartbeat user community. I want to reiterate that we have no intention whatsoever to change the current, proven, community centric approach to how the Heartbeat code base is managed. We continue to welcome, and depend on, community suggestions, feedback, and collaboration. Heartbeat is a community project and will remain so.

If you have any questions about our intentions and plans, please post them on the mailing list, or peruse the comment fields below.

One Response to LINBIT announces stewardship for Heartbeat code base

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