LINBIT at LinuxCon and LPC

LINBIT will be a proud sponsor at this year’s LinuxCon in Portland, OR, held on September 21-23. We will also participate in the Linux Plumbers Conference, co-located with LinuxCon.

Phil is to speak at LinuxCon about DRBD 8.3 and beyond. At LPC, we will primarily focus on building highly available storage systems with DRBD, Pacemaker, and the STGT and LIO iSCSI targets.

So, storage and data center folks on the West Coast, come and meet us! MySQLers and Drizzlers from the Pacific Northwest (mordred, that means you!), drop us a line to see how we can link up! Novell folks, let’s sit down and chat about what we can do to help improve SLE 11 HAE! Red Hat/Fedora people, let’s talk about how we can improve DRBD integration in your distributions! Virtualization folks, let’s talk about seamless DRBD integration with libvirt, like it already exists in Xen!

Please drop us a line at linuxcon at linbit dot com or lpc at linbit dot com if you are coming to either event, so we can arrange a get-together. Thanks!

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