Introducing Planet HA!

The latest addition to the Planetarium is, a feed aggregator covering blogs and news feeds about all things HA. Active as of today, Planet HA is intended as a central location where you can find the latest open source high availability additions to the blogosphere.

An aggregated RSS feed is available from

If you blog about HA and would like to get your feed added to Planet HA, here’s how:

  • If your blog primarily covers HA (like my own), then simply submit your feed URL by email to planet dash ha at linbit dot com. We’ll take anything that Planet can grok; RSS and Atom feeds are usually perfectly fine.
  • If you occasionally blog about HA, then please create a tag or category (if you haven’t already done so), and submit a filtered feed.
  • The site is (for the time being) English-only, so if you blog in multiple languages it would be tremendously helpful if you could create an English-only tag/category and submit a filtered feed for that.

LINBIT is sponsoring CPU cycles and bandwidth for this site. But we absolutely don’t mind if you happen to never blog about DRBD. At all. Just so that’s clear. 🙂 If you blog about HA, your feed is more than welcome.

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