Speaking at MySQL Conference & Expo 2009

MySQL Conference & Expo 2009I realize I’m running a bit late with my MySQL Conference speaking announcement this year, nonetheless yes I will be in Santa Clara again just as in 2007 and 2008. This time I won’t be doing a talk by myself or with Phil as in the last two years, but rather with Joachim Worringen from our technology partner Dolphin.

Our talk, titled Database High Availability with a Punch: MySQL with DRBD for Dolphin Express, is currently scheduled for Thursday, April 23.

Registration for the conference is now open. If you plan on attending, please go to this page for details. I’m told that there’s an early bird discount that ends February 16.

A note to those who have been following DRBD development closely over the last few months: I guess you will expect us to cover some of the new features found in DRBD 8.3, too. At the time of the conference submission deadline, we had not officially announced the DRBD+/DRBD merge yet, and didn’t want to blow the surprise. Hence, the presentation abstract makes no mention of DRBD 8.3 — we will of course cover it during the talk in some detail.

I realize that there’s quite a few people from the MySQL ecosystem monitoring this blog, many of whom I greatly respect and whose judgment I hold in high regard. So for those of you reading this and attending the conference, please shoot me an email (or post a comment here) with any specific topics around DRBD & MySQL that you’re particularly interested in. The conference organizers are still accepting BoF proposals, and I’d be happy to enter one.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces in California!

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