Hitting the 2009 conference circuit

Apart from my recent entry on the Ubuntu DRBD 8.3 call for testing, I’ve somewhat scaled back my update frequency in this space. That’s easily explained, there’s been quite a few exciting things happening lately: our shiny new Dolphin Express support, the DRBD/DRBD+ merge with our 8.3 release, a major update to the User’s Guide, a brand new package repository for our support customers, DRBD training being completed and more scheduled, and there will be more to come.

But, I’ve decided that all of that really shouldn’t keep me from blogging, so I’ve resolved to make a few posts about my conference speaking engagements in the first half of 2009, starting today.

My first speaking engagement this year is already completed, with a 30-minute talk about DRBD-backed Xen virtualization at Open Source Meets Business in Nuremberg, Germany last week. OSMB is one of the most prestigious open source business to business events in Germany, organized annually by Heise Verlag (the publishing house many of you may know from the Heise online news service, even if you’re located outside Germany).

As much fun as I had doing my own talk, there were numerous others which I greatly enjoyed. A small sample:

  • Open source high availability in air traffic control: leveraging DRBD and Linux-HA in one of the most demanding deployment scenarios imaginable — Alexander Schranz, Deutsche Flugsicherung
  • SAP made Highly Available in Linux Cluster: running SAP on top of Linux-HA (with DRBD or without) — Markus Gürtler, Novell
  • Xen high availability solutions: Xen, DRBD, Linux-HA and dm-crypt as a secure virtualization stack — Nils Hildebrand, German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

I also had a chance to meet the person responsible for rolling out 380 DRBD clusters in German embassies and consulates around the globe, talk to data center operators standardizing on DRBD based Nagios clusters for data center systems management and monitoring, and interact and bounce around ideas with dozens of people.

Notable keynoters at the event included Silicon Valley angel investor Larry Augustin, SugarCRM CEO John Roberts, Ingres CFO Tom Berquist, and JBoss CTO Sacha Labourey.

It’s been great to be there, and I’d be more than happy to repeat next year.

Up next: MySQL Conference & Expo, April 20-23, Santa Clara, California — stay tuned!

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