DRBD for Dolphin Express Webinar

As part of our partnership with Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, we are presenting two webinars on DRBD for Dolphin Express on Nov. 5 (European business hours) and Nov. 12 (American business hours).

Both DRBD and Dolphin Express already being a fixture in the MySQL universe, this webinar should be particularly interesting to those of you who want to minimize database write latency while maintaining fully redundant and transaction-safe high availability. However, it’s also a must see for virtualization and mail service DRBD users, who also typically have a need for low latency.

This is, of course, a technical presentation detailing the ins and outs of DRBD for Dolphin Express configuration, performance benchmarks, and possible pitfalls. Don’t expect a lot of marketing blah-blah.

Attending these webinars is completely free of charge. You can sign up immediately.

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