Got DRBD? Got Dolphin? Combine ’em!

Today we announced (German press release, English press release) a partner deal with Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, makers of the Dolphin Express highspeed interconnect technology. Like DRBD, Dolphin Express and Dolphin SuperSockets are well established within the MySQL customer base — the latter as a low-latency interconnect for MySQL Cluster. As part of the deal, DRBD will soon be available in a version supporting SuperSockets — which means you’ll be able to use Dolphin Express cards as a drop-in replacement for the Gigabit Ethernet cards you now typically run DRBD replication over. And you’ll be able to use Dolphin Express for MySQL High Availability in applications where MySQL Cluster is not the ideal choice, too.

This is really exciting stuff as it opens DRBD to a whole new class of database applications, namely those where low latency is critical. This used to be a common concern for some users. Especially with battery-backed write cache being ubiquitous these days, the fact that Gigabit Ethernet is actually quite high in latency caused surprises to some.

But do we stop at MySQL? Absolutely not. This is also a great addition to highly available PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. Do we stop at databases? Even less so. DRBD for Dolphin Express is a great low-latency, high-throughput replication solution for any highly available application. Think virtualization or petabyte file storage, for example.

We’re extremely happy to have Dolphin among our growing list of technology partners, and greatly enjoy working with them. Thanks guys for the work so far, and let’s continue full steam ahead!

5 Responses to Got DRBD? Got Dolphin? Combine ’em!

  1. Nils says:

    This sure is interesting, when DRBD is decoupled from TCP it might also be possible to support InfiniBand or Myrinet.

  2. Florian Haas says:

    DRBD over InfiniBand is already being used via IPoIB. You should be able do the same thing with Myrinet using the 10Gb Ethernet drivers, although I haven’t seen anyone do so. Supporting Myrinet Express or InfiniBand SRP/SDP would certainly be a nice addition.
    Anyone willing to cooperate with us on that, feel free to drop me an email. 🙂

  3. […] To kick off the week, and perhaps surprisingly for some, Peter Zaitsev blogs about the superiority of DRBD over SAN based high availability for MySQL. The Percona folks seem to like our recently introduced support for Dolphin Express replication. […]

  4. Angel G says:

    If DRBD is decoupled from TCP, it can be made to support RAW Ethernet frames as transport (see AoE protocol). This shall decrease latency, CPU load and increase throughput. Infact i`d used AoE transport w DRBD instead of TCP if I could. Low latency routable (if one need routing) protocols(like RTP) make use of UDP.

    • Florian Haas says:

      Whether or not the protocol is routable is not the really important point at all. The point is whether it’s _reliable_ and UDP just isn’t. Except when bending over backwards (see NFS), and we just have not implemented that yet. Patches are welcome, please subscribe to the drbd-dev mailing list and start hacking away.

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