First official release of DRBD User’s Guide

After a month of intense public review by our community users and contributors, we have made the initial “official” release of the DRBD User’s Guide.

This does not only include helpful information about building, installing, and configuring DRBD, but also on DRBD integration with Xen and LVM, Heartbeat, and many other applications. MySQL users will find the example MySQL HA configurations for both Heartbeat R1 and Heartbeat CRM clusters particularly helpful.

The release announcement is here:

2 Responses to First official release of DRBD User’s Guide

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  2. Robert says:

    I’ve just discovered the great DRBD users guide. Thank’s for this document. Especially Chapter 12: DRBD Internals contains a lot of information spread around a lot of man pages in one place. Thanks !

    p.s. A PDF Version to print out would be nice.

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