DRBD/Heartbeat/MySQL Howto

The only thing I like better than writing howtos for our software is reading howtos for our software written by someone else. Especially when they’re really really good. Mark Schoonover has written an excellent introduction to setting up Heartbeat with MySQL and DRBD.

5 Responses to DRBD/Heartbeat/MySQL Howto

  1. David Legg says:

    Great DRBD/Heartbeat/MySQL article. I notice that the author recommends connecting the 2 independent servers with a dedicated Ethernet cable. I wonder if it can be done over a WAN without decent bandwidth available?

  2. Dan Lavu says:

    Actually DRBD requires DRBD Proxy to go across WANs, I ran into a 2MBit limit trying to transfer data.

  3. olsen says:

    And here http://docs.homelinux.org You will find a good tutorial about DRBD NFS Tutorial

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