Building DRBD on Debian (using module-assistant)

I recently got a question on how to build the DRBD kernel module on Debian etch. Even though Debian doesn’t provide binary packages for the DRBD kernel module, building is rather easy if you use Debian’s module-assistant facility:

# apt-get install module-assistant build-essential drbd0.7-module-source
# m-a a-i drbd0.7

See the module-assistant man page for details. You’ll also need a linux-headers package that matches your installed kernel.

Of course, that ease doesn’t keep you from rebuilding the kernel module every time you update either your kernel or DRBD. So, get a support package from us and avoid all that hassle, hint hint. 🙂

P.S.: This example is for DRBD 0.7 as DRBD 8 didn’t make it into etch (etch was already in its long-lasting feature freeze when DRBD 8 was released). Our support packages include support for etch, of course. Needless to say, using DRBD 8 is highly recommended.

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