DRBD/MySQL from a sysadmin’s perspective

Mohd Irwan Jamaluddin, RHCE from Malaysia, writes about his experience with DRBD and MySQL on RHEL 5 after some mixed emotions with MySQL Cluster and Continuent uni/cluster. I always love to read from happy sysadmins out there. What I like to hear best, in terms of adapting your application for an HA environment, is this:

MySQL configuration: Nothing much to talk about MySQL, I’m just using default packages (and default configurations) from RHEL 5.

Now, for those who don’t like the idea of compiling Heartbeat from source, you can of course also use Red Hat’s own cluster manager with DRBD. And then if you’re on MySQL Enterprise, there’s no need to compile even DRBD, as you get the binary RPMs for that as well.

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