Ubuntu 10.04 with full cluster stack support

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” has arrived. I upgraded my personal box over the weekend, and am happy to report that things went pretty flawlessly for me. So I’m now a happy lucid user.

What’s more important for the ever-growing cluster community is the fact that this LTS release comes with built-in support for the Pacemaker cluster stack — and indeed, it’s the first commercially-supported distribution that comes with support for both the Heartbeat and the Corosync cluster messaging layer. And it’s easy, too!

Here’s how I install the Pacemaker stack with Heartbeat (which I prefer) on an Ubuntu box:

aptitude install heartbeat pacemaker

And if you choose to go with Corosync, here's how.

aptitude install corosync pacemaker

... and you're good to go!

Credit for Ubuntu cluster stack packaging goes to Ante Karamatić (ivoks) and Andres Rodriguez (roaksoax), along with the rest of the ubuntu-ha team. Their work builds on Debian packaging by Martin Loschwitz, Guido Günther, Frederik Schüler and others.

9 Responses to Ubuntu 10.04 with full cluster stack support

  1. Beekhof says:

    Not just the first, but probably the only commercial distro to ever support both concurrently ;-)

  2. Angie says:

    10/10 Florian, I prefer HB too ;)

  3. mike says:

    This is good to know! I have just started looking into clustering, and Lucid supports it from the get go. – Cool!

  4. al says:

    Hi All,

    I am about to install Heartbeat/Pacemaker on the 64 bit version of LL.

    Has anyone tried it ?
    Any known issues ?


    • Frank says:

      I run Pacemaker in a production web environment on 10.04. It rocks! You should take a day to read the release notes and manuals if you are not familiar with Pacemaker and/or linux clustering

  5. BOK says:

    What I absolutely don’t understand is that Ubuntu 10.04(.2) Lucid is shipped with cluster-glue 1.0.5 which does NOT support “upstart”, only “lsb” AFAIK. :-( So the stack remains somewhat crippled IMHO.

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